The Inspiration for CalmWear™

CalmWear began as a project fuelled by passion, by a loving parent who refused to quit trying….

Along with Specialists, Engineers, and Professionals in the field of Autism and Sensory Processing, she developed CalmWear for her then 3 year old son who was diagnosed with Severe Autism Spectrum Disorder, Severe Sensory Processing Disorder, and Global Development Delay.

With his countless, disruptive meltdowns all day, every day, she knew she must find a way to calm his system, help him stay focused, and enable him to progress to be receptive to learning, and living a life that every child should be entitled to, regardless of their diagnosis.

Based on studies into sensory compression, and the calming effects of a hug - real, or simulated - CalmWear was created as a way to provide the wearer with the calming effects of a deep pressure hug, 24 hrs/day!

Her son, 4 years into wearing the garment around the clock, is a high-functioning, fully verbal, bright and beautiful boy, with ZERO meltdowns per day!

CalmWear has changed this family's life, and because of its ability to completely calm the sensory system down, and allow the wearer to focus and THRIVE, it continues to change the lives of thousands with similar challenges.

We are so proud of our product, and the solution it provides, we are certain of your success when you purchase with us.

However, if you change your mind about your CalmWear purchase, you can return the products in their original condition* for a full refund, within 28 days of receipt.