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Janice Adnum-Lee (Mom to Jaxon)
on January 24, 2018

So we had a busy day yesterday and jaxon did amazing... normally i would not have even attempted the day we had but i gave it a shot a we had a blast :-) no meltdowns and he was regulated YAY people at my church function were complimenting me asking what im doin or what meds he is on lol Jaxon was happy to show them his shirt :-) then later sledding with friends and then bath and bed and my friend was shocked when the shirt came off lol... but within 10 or 15 min of putting it back on he was sleeping with the light on... i was still getting his brother ready for bed and my friends jaw was on the floor... my heart is just soo warm when i see the peace and calm on his face with this shirt... i love shocking the world without meds :-):-)

Anna Parker‎
on January 21, 2018

I have some incredible news to report! Joplin tried a new walker that I have been pushing for over the last three months, and he took his first steps ever! Three in a row. Between moving forward and backward, he has actually been moving around the room, with and without my help. It is the first time we have ever seen him putting one foot in front of the other (of course he was wearing the CalmWear long sleeve and shorts). I went up to get pjs for the kids, and when I came back downstairs he had turned himself around and got himself halfway across the room to watch his fish!! I am just overjoyed and have been crying non stop ❤️

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